Spotless Clothes Are at Your Workplace!
UpOnDry Commercial Laundry Services For Business

The industry grade commercial laundry & dry cleaning delivery services is now available for your business!

Whether you are a new restaurant owner and want to get your restaurant clothes cleaned all together once a week or a busy major hotel chain that needs laundry pickup every morning, 7 days a week, UpOnDry Business Services is your choice.
We offer
flexible pickup schedules and same-day delivery services for any type of clothes your business may have.

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UpOnDry values every customer, and every business requirement is different. That's why we tailor our services based on your business needs and budget.

Our Valuable Business Clients

We offer utmost care to our valuable business clients so that they can focus on growing their business.

Hotels & Motels

If your hotel, motel requires commercial laundry services, your search stops here. Let us help you in dry cleaning so your guests keep coming back to your hotel or motel again.


If your restaurant requires commercial dry cleaning services. We offer quick delivery of your restaurant’s tablecloths, aprons and other commercial laundry cleaning services.

Uniform Rentals, Schools & Colleges

We offer dry cleaning services to make it easy for schools and colleges and for students as well. We offer uniforms, sheets, linens cleaning and more items.

Day Cares & Old Age Homes

We provide upmost care to our past and future generation with our on-demand laundry services so that they are not worried about laundry and can focus on "what's important"

Hospitals and Clinics

We offer commercial laundry services to hospitals and health care centres. We help you in the quick cleaning of commercial clothes that are used in hospitals

Other Lifestyle Industries

We offer our business services to almost every business that needs commercial or residential laundry. Like Massage Center, Spas, Fitness Centres, Business Clubs, Salons, Offices etc.

What makes UpOnDry Business Services different than other commercial laundries?

The short answer is "WE CARE".
We Care for environment
We Care for local businesses
We Care for you!

With number of reasons below, we try to understand your business needs and keeping your growth in mind than focusing on making profits.

Automatic Scheduled Pickups - "No need to place an order"

Once we understand your requirement, we provide a custom pickup schedule for your business according your requirements and you don't need to call us every time to place an order. We handle everything for your business from pickup scheduling to custom order placing.

On-Demand Delivery - "Free Same-Day Delivery"

With our cutting edge technology of UpOnCall in logistics industry, we have the ability to deliver your clothes; washed & folded the very "Same-Day" so that you can focus on Customer Acquisition and Customer Satisfaction for your business.

Custom Pricing - According to "your" budget

We offer competitive pricing for local and small businesses, ensuring that we provide value for money laundry services to support the growth of your business. Our 'business success team' first examines the needs of your business when you submit the quotation form and finds the best solution under the most affordable budget to enhance your business operations.

No Contracts - "Pay as you go"

A business laundry grows with respect to a business. We do not tie you in a fixed contact as we charge our service fee every time as per the quantity.

Flexible Invoicing - "Custom Invoicing Schedule"

We understand the how much cash flow is important for any business to run its day to day operations and expenses. That's why we have flexible invoicing options to support your business.

Expertise - "Trusted by many businesses"

UpOnDry is not just a business, but it’s a belief of businesses to get instant laundry cleaning service with just "one call away". We understand the value of your time and importance of your business needs.